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Rodents in New York: Common Rodent Species Near Middletown

A brown roof rat, one of the rodents in New York

Wherever you are in the country, rodents will invade your home no matter the season. Rodents are common in New York, especially in populated areas like New York City. But Middletown suffers from its fair share of rodent issues, too! 

However, you shouldn’t worry! With United States Pest Service, rodents in New York won’t stick around your home for long. Keep reading to learn more about common rats and mice you may see in New York!

Information About Norway Rats or Sewer Rats

Norway rats, also known as brown rats, are a prevalent pest that consumes a wide range of food sources. These rodents are often found in large cities and may have originated from cargo ships entering America from other countries. 

Interestingly enough, Norway rats don’t have roots in European countries. Instead, these pests may have initially lived in Asian countries before migrating globally.

They thrive in areas where food is readily available, like homes, apartment complexes, restaurants, and grocery stores. Norway rats are also frequent purveyors of sewer areas, consuming waste and any debris that floats down. 

Because of their proximity to sewage, these rodents can carry many disease-causing organisms. Rats are vectors for dangerous diseases like rat bite fever and hantavirus and can spread the bacterium responsible for the bubonic plague through fleas. 

Besides the health risks these pests pose, Norway rats can also cause extensive harm to items in your home. With their evergrowing, sharp teeth, rats can quickly shred through fabric, soft materials, plastic, and even wood!

Known for its impressive size, the Norway rat is one of the biggest rodents in the rat family. The brown rat boasts a sturdy build, with a thick and rough coat of fur ranging in hues from grayish-brown to black, small ears, and a short, broad snout.  

The Norway rat is a formidable rodent that can reach up to 18 inches in length from nose to tail tip. These rats have a weight capacity of up to 11 ounces, with males having a slightly larger physique than females. 

Everything You Should Know About Roof Rats 

Roof or black rats are medium-sized rodents that can grow about 13 to 16 inches in length from nose to tail tip and weigh between 2 to 8 ounces, slightly smaller than Norway rats.

While also called black rats, roof rats can have black, dark gray, or dark brown fur. Their sleek and agile bodies allow them to easily climb and move through tight spaces, providing them more access to areas that other rats can’t reach. 

Roof rats can inhabit various environments but typically live in urban and suburban areas. They are particularly drawn to sites with a high human population density and access to food sources.

Homeowners may find them inside their houses, attics, and walls, but these pests can overrun businesses or other elevated areas, like trees, vines, and shrubs. 

These pests have exceptional climbing abilities that permit them to navigate tight spaces easily. Their sharp claws and grippy paws enable them to easily climb vertical surfaces such as walls, pipes, and trees. 

Common House Mice in New York

House mice are other common rodents in New York State. They are small, slender rodents that can grow to be about 3.5 to 4 inches in length from nose to tail tip and weigh about 1/2 ounce. You can easily spot and recognize these tiny terrors with light brown to gray fur and large eats. 

As nocturnal pests, house mice are typically active at night in various indoor and outdoor environments, terrorizing homes, businesses, and other agricultural spaces like barns, grain silos, and stored crops. 

Because house mice primarily nest in warm dark areas like wall voids, attics, and basements, they can cause significant structural damage by gnawing on wires, insulation, and wood. 

Plus, like the other rodents on our list, they can transmit diseases through their droppings and urine. Their small agile bodies help them reach areas otherwise inaccessible by larger rodents, giving them greater access to cause problems in your home. 

Deer Mice In New York

While deer mice live in many locations across New York state, they’re primarily found in rural or forested areas. However, they can inhabit various environments, including woodlands, fields, and urban and suburban areas.

They nest in burrows, crevices, and other protected areas, causing damage to structures similar to house mice. Deer mice prefer to gather up a significant amount of food, hoarding it near their small burrows indoors or outdoors. 

Unlike the other tiny pest, deer mice are a carrier of hantavirus, a severe illness that could lead to death. Hantavirus spreads through infected droppings and urine, so always exercise caution when handling rodent waste. 

What Else Can You Do About Rodents in New York?

If you see any of these rodents in New York, there are many things you can do to prevent a re-occurrence. 

A large brown rat in water

Seal entry points: Rodents can enter your home through small gaps and cracks, so it is crucial to inspect the exterior of your home and seal any potential entry points with caulk or weather stripping.

Remove food sources: Rodents are attracted to food sources, so it is vital to keep your home clean and free of food debris. This includes storing food in airtight containers, regularly cleaning your kitchen and dining areas, and ensuring that garbage is kept in sealed containers.

Consider professional extermination: If you have a severe rodent infestation or cannot eliminate the rodents on your own, consider hiring a professional exterminator. They can thoroughly inspect your home and create a customized treatment plan to eliminate the problem.

Here at United States Pest Services, we can quickly locate a rodent infestation and remove it from your property. Don’t hesitate to contact us at the first sign of these New York rodents. 

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